I am new to the blogging world just like I am new to a lot of things in my life lately! But here goes nothing!

I’m excited to start this journey with everyone and figure out where this outlet can take me. I never thought I would be the person to talk about my life and feelings online. Heck! I don’t even have a Facebook! Β BUTTTT here I am, newbie to the blog world.

I want to use this to talk about life, vent a little, update you on my sweet girl and all the fun that comes with having her, as well as the new fitness journey my family is about to embark on.

There is no telling what you will find here. But it should never be boring that’s for sure!! So if you are interested in what is to come feel free to follow along and join me on living the life of aΒ new mom!

❀ Tiffany


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