Anniversary of Birth


As the official anniversary of my day of birth is upon me I am currently in a hot mess state of mind! So that means this post will be a hot mess, too!

I am not one who loves birthdays AT ALLLLL!!
Hell I cried when I turned 18 because I was officially an adult!
I look at age as a curse.
Why you ask?? Well this is why…

I'm 21, but I'll still be like this in a few months.:


I know, I know, silly. It’s true though! I drink one mixer and I’m ready for bed not round two! If I stay up past 9pm I am the biggest grump the next day! I need my sleep! Judge away! I know I should enjoy some time on the town but I don’t. All I think about when I’m out is that this isn’t part of my schedule, why are people making a big deal of me being old, and the waiter is probably spitting in our food/drinks because we are being too obnoxious! This should sum it up…

I have no words to describe today:

OH, BUT… This is my reaction all day when people are telling me happy birthday…

llama meme - Google Search:


This is how I wish people who address my birthday…


Happy Birthday you ageless wonder!:


I mean if you talked to me in this fashion I would love the day! I need some flattering along with my congrats for not kicking it this year! Like hey bitch you did it! You aged but you still got this! Happy birthday just doesn’t do it! Unlesssssssss it’s like this…

Leonardo DiCaprio says Happy Birthday ♡:

Leo isn’t my type but I knew Bree would appreciate his appearance! He’s handsome and I would probably fall over if  he called me and said happy birthday but he still doesn’t do it for me… sorry classy men of the world, try it somewhere else!


Want to know what I’m really looking forward to as I age?


This will be the life!!


Birthday humor - Lmao, can't wait to send this to someone!:










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