Things I Figured Out at 5am

Last night I decided I was going to get up early today and go for a walk. I went to bed around 7:30pm and when the alarm went off at 5am I was bright eyed and bushy tailed! & here are the things I figured out on this early morning…

It’s EARLY. I didn’t think waking up 1.5 hours early would make a big difference but DAMNNNNNNN did it make a differnce! Good news is I only hit the snooze once!

I realized I HATE the alarm on my phone! My 6:30 alarm goes off with my clock radio but since I don’t know how to change the time on it I had to use my phone… Well it was the DEVIL! Not OKAY! I’ll be working on figuring out my clock realllllly soon!

Setting out my clothes was the best decision I made. I think if I would’ve had to dig around for clothes I wouldn’t have went! The I don’t want to wake the hubby excuse would’ve fit perfect then and I didn’t even get to use it!

My house is DARK! I paid good money for blackout curtains and boy do they work! Well enough that I ran into the wall, tripped over the dogs, and smashed into door frames multiple times! Curtains 1 – Me 0

My dog is more of a crab ass in the mornings than I am! I forced her to go with me because her harness is getting tighter and she could use the workout too… Bad idea! She did nothing but mope for the first 5 mins because we weren’t going for a ride but actually doing exercise.  Lazy!

Birds aren’t afraid of my dog… This is a sad deal! You would think when you own a 50lb lab/boxer/pit/mutt mix that something as simple as a bird would be afraid of it… Nope. Got within about 5 ft from some pigeons this morning and they didn’t even budge. Looking right at her and nothing. She has officially lost all street cred I thought she had.

My neighborhood of 200ish houses is quiet as can be at 5am. No joke I didn’t see a single person, car, or dog until 6 when I was headed back home. Even the main road  that boarders us was silent. It was AWESOME!! Peaceful doesn’t even begin to cover it!

The train runs at 5:30 and you can hear it for miles when there aren’t any cars.

The swarms of gnats don’t come out until the sun does. I had no problem with bugs until the sun started to rise then I turned into a buffet for the fuckers!
Accurate picture…

I need to change the batteries in my garage door key pad… It didn’t work this morning when I tried to close the garage… so this is more of a note to self.

Most important thing is I figured out I can do it! I can get up at 5am and work on getting my shit together. Today is the first day in a long time that I am sitting at work happy. I blame endorphins but no matter what it’s a step toward progress. That extra 1.5 hours has already made a difference in my day and I can’t wait to see how every day from here on out goes. && Earning the little trophies at the end of my walk was so rewarding. I mean who knew fake trophies would be the BEST!

Displaying Screenshot_20160623-092541.pngDisplaying Screenshot_20160623-092541.pngScreenshot_20160623-062030

❤ Tiffany



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