Not the kind you are thinking of… I’m not talking Cocaine, Heroine, or Meth. I’m talking Vaccinations!

If they are such a necessity, why do they have to be so evil??


Since my sweet girl received her shots Friday morning, no one in our house has slept! I wish I was exaggerating when I say NO ONE! Not even the poor dogs have slept. It has been HELL! I thought the teething issues were bad. Now we add the affects of shots on top of that and BAM! unhappy baby = unhappy house! I thought I was done waking up every hour on the hour to a screaming demanding child, NOPE! Joke was on me! Would I trade it? No way! No matter the reason she wake up she still needs me and that is the best feeling in the world!


Now I may be the weird one here but I don’t get a flu shot. I am lucky to have never gotten the flu so I haven’t ever thought about getting a shot to fix a problem I don’t contract. When hubby and I took sweet baby to the Dr Friday and we told the Dr she would be okay without a flu shot you would have thought we were killing our child! What ever happened to letting an immune system do it’s job? I got the chickenpox when I was younger and I was okay… I lived in an oatmeal bath, skipped out on kindergarten for a week, watched tv, and scratched a little but I made it didn’t I? I don’t understand why we are so quick to medicate for issues people have lived through for years! My girl is black and blue on her legs, has had a fever, constipation, the whole 9 yards from the 4 vaccines she already got and I’m a bad person for not making her get 5?? I don’t think so.

I know modern medicine is a good thing and I’m sure there are many cases where vaccines have saved lives but there has to be a point where we let our bodies do work. If we are so quick to inject medicine then how do we ever build natural immunity to anything? One day the drugs may not be there to save our asses from sneezing a little, then what?

Food for thought.

❤ Tiffany