The Perfect Housewife

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Depending on your age you may or not be aware of the expectation placed on women of past generations. If you aren’t let me enlighten you:

This pamphlet is REAL! Our mothers and grandmothers were expected to follow this list like the 10 Commandments! I don’t know about you but this makes my blood boil! Why did the man get to do anything he wanted without question? Why was he able to not come home all night and she have no right to say a word about it? Why should she not be able to speak about her problems but he could say whatever he wanted and she just had to listen quietly? Why was she forced to greet him with a smile when he was possibly the biggest asshole on the block?

The way I see it if they wanted this life they should’ve gotten a DOG NOT A WIFE!

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 I think men have such an obscured idea of what a wife should be. They believe we should be Betty Homemakers or something of the sort. If you are, GO YOU! I’m sure a part of you is dying inside to have fun, to let loose, to breathe without worrying you will crack your foundation! If you ask my husband I’m sure he would say I’m a great wife but I don’t kiss his ass for him to see me that way.

Do I make sure there is a meal on the table nightly?
Yes, 90% of the time it is even home cooked.
Do I wake up and make sure he has a meal before we leave for work?
Yes, 90% of the time it’s even fresh and hot.
(I even made pancakes this morning.)
Do I keep a clean house so he doesn’t have to deal with clutter and dirt?
Yes, but I don’t fold laundry, just ask the pile in the corner of our room.
Do I do all of this with a smile on face?
Not always! It’s 50/50 on whether I am enjoying it or cussing because I just burnt myself on the stove or tripped over the vacuum cord.
Why do I do all of these things? Because I want to! No one forced me to do these things, he doesn’t expect them of me by any means. I wasn’t even taught by example. I am more “housewife” material than any lady I know.
(Except Bree, she kicks my ass with playing the “Good Wife” role! But that isn’t expected of her either! She does it because she loves it.)


Even with the way times have changed why do men still EXPECT this of women??
It’s not 1955 and if this was published as an article today woman would start burning their bras all over again.
I blame their moms.
Now before you get all, “I can’t believe that bitch just called me out!” let me finish.
They pamper their boys! Admit it! I have watched it first hand my entire life!
Most boys can get away with anything when it comes to their moms. Cussing, dirty rooms, “forgetting” chores, tracking in mud, whatever the situation may be… You may get mad at them for 2.5 but aren’t you the ones that come behind them and clean up the mess? Aren’t you the one sweeping up the mud, gathering the laundry from their rooms, taking out the trash they didn’t because they “forgot”, and all while cooking dinner because they don’t know how?
I thought so.
Even Campbell’s Soup knows you did it! Just watch the link!

If you had a boyfriend who EXPECTED all of this of you, what would you do? I’m sure you wouldn’t make him your husband. You’d tell him he was crazy and walk away laughing.
So why are you conditioning your son to be that man?
Think about it.


Oh and as far as the final rule to being a good wife…

“A good wife always knows her place.”

My place is teaching my daughter to be a strong independent woman.
My place is standing beside my husband, assisting him, not serving him!
More importantly…
My place is where I want it to be!